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At the Fortson Center, you’ll find a complete range of the most advanced therapies in Alaska for enhancing the attractive appearance and health of your skin. The Fortson Center is recognized as Alaska’s most comprehensive cosmetic dermatology center. Its FDA-approved lasers and other advanced technologies provide result-oriented treatments ranging from skincare and rejuvenation to fat reduction and body sculpting. Skin and body therapies are performed in the comfortable and relaxed surroundings at the Fortson Center.

Dr. Jayne Fortson and her team of specialists utilize only the most highly-effective, minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments. Their breadth of expertise enables them to combine a range of approaches which bring the most beneficial, visible results. Every treatment focused on the health and natural beauty of your skin. Unlike many other centers, Dr. Fortson performs or oversees all cosmetic dermatology treatments at Fortson Skincare. She assesses your skin to ensure the therapy is appropriate and safe for your skin type, and makes recommendations to increase the effectiveness of treatment and enhance the health and attractiveness of your skin. This is possible only by a medically-trained skin care expert.

The health and attractiveness of your skin is of utmost importance at the Fortson Center. For that reason, a specialist will also conduct an assessment of your skin while planning your personalized cosmetic dermatology treatment.

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A client writes:
"Dr. Jayne Fortson is a wonderful, caring, smart doctor! I would recommend anyone to her! She's thorough and takes her time with patients!"
Stephanie W.


For the health and safety of your skin and your overall well being, choose a certified physician who specializes in the treatment of skin. Your skin is too important to trust to anyone except a dermatologist.


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Medical name: herpes zoster

Shingles causes a painful, blistering rash for most people. It is a reactivation of the same virus that causes chicken pox. If you've had chicken pox, the virus can return as shingles and affect the nerves.

See a doctor immediately if you think you may have shingles. Starting a prescription within 2 to 3 days of developing the rash can substantially reduce pain and shorten the duration. See the doctor even if it's been longer to lower the risk of other serious health issues

The shingles vaccine, available at pharmacies, has been proven as the most effective method to reduce the risk.

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