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Excel HR

The 21st Century Laser Hair Removal System for Women & Men

The Cutera Excel HRTM is the 21st century premium laser hair removal technology for all skin types and colors. Its effectiveness, safety and comfort redefines laser hair removal. What makes the Excel HR so different?

More Coverage & Faster Removal
The Excel HR’s truPulse™ technology delivers consistent energy in each and every pulse— reducing the number of treatments needed for removal of hair.

All Hair Types
Due to Excel HR's superior technology, exceptional results are achievable on hair types from fine to coarse.

More Comfortable
Excel HR is faster, more effective and more comfortable. Continuous cooling before, during and after each laser pulse makes the process more comfortable. In a study measuring satisfaction and comfort, 100% of those surveyed chose Excel HR laser hair removal over a competitive laser hair removal process.

More Efficient
Many older technologies use low-powered energy sources such as pulsed light. The Excel HR uses true laser sources for the safest, fastest and most effective results for men, women and any skin type.

Treatment Areas & Number of Treatments
The most common treatment areas include the face, underarms, legs and bikini area for women, and the chest, arms, neck and back for men.

Laser and other energy-based hair removal require multiple treatments because hair grows in different phases. The total number of treatments varies based on the area. Usually, 6 to 8 treatments spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart are recommended. It may vary based on the skin type and hair density. You’ll know it’s time for your next treatment session when hair in the treated area begins to grow back.

Laser Hair Removal & Excel HR as Compared to Tradition
As traditional methods of hair removal are temporary, they must be repeated forever. The Excel HR laser hair removal is the quickest, most efficient and effective solution to rid yourself of unwanted hair permanently.

Fortson Face & Body Center has the only Excel HR laser in Anchorage. Call us to schedule your consultation and find out why Excel HR laser hair removal is the 21st century solution to unwanted hair.


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